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What if it hurts? One question that unlocked six-figure revenue.What if it hurts? One question that unlocked six-figure revenue.
March 1, 2023

What if it hurts? One question that unlocked six-figure revenue.

Thriva offers quick and easy health checks by giving you all the tools needed to take your own blood test. Whether you want to check your cholesterol levels, manage an existing health condition, or learn how to improve your lifestyle, you can get clear blood testing insights to make lasting health changes.

As a company grows and you start gathering data, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers — forgetting that you’re selling to real people with real emotions.

This is what Josh Lachkovic realised when working with Thriva.

“For the first eight years of my career, I was all about raw numbers and data. So when I was introduced to the concept of customer interviews, my gut reaction was that data could provide all the answers”

“Quantitive data can confirm insights and hypotheses, but it’s far harder to understand why something happened. To do that, you have to speak to people.”

Why? Because good customer interviews teach you why your customers do something. It’s not about analysing data, looking at demographics, or creating personas. And especially not trying to prove a theory you already hold.

It’s about human conversations and opening yourself up to discovery.

So Thriva started reaching out to new customers, asking them about their experience and why they might not have chosen Thriva.

The process gave them insight into customer anxieties.

A goldmine of information.

And the primary anxiety they unearthed? “I was afraid it was going to hurt.”

So they produced an ad that spoke to that concern.

Here is that ad:

The result?

It helped them unlock six figures of revenue.


Conversations over calculations. Data is great but when you’re growing and you need to know why people aren’t buying, interviews are your friend.


  1. Email your customers who have just signed up: send a plain text email to people who have just started using your product/service.
  2. Invite new customers for a customer research interview: it doesn’t have to be in person, but if you can at least get a Zoom chat, you’ll gain far more insight.
  3. Ask them, “what almost stopped you from buying us?”. This is the question that throws up potential anxieties.
  4. Write out those anxieties and come up with creative ways to answer them in ads and content.

"Quick and easy health checks" 👉

Keep being an outlier 💪

J + K