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This is YOUR year — what will really make you proud?This is YOUR year — what will really make you proud?
December 8, 2021

This is YOUR year — what will really make you proud?

This time next year, what will you be thankful you spent time on over the next 12 months?

Lose weight, stop drinking, build an empire...

We've ALL set resolutions that haven't made it past the end of January, right?

It's why gyms are busier in the first few weeks of the year than any other time.

(If you've kept all of your resolutions, I'm not sure I believe you, but you can stop reading now.)

For the rest of you, I've got a formula that will help make 2022 the year you stick to your goals.

If you're anything like me, you've probably got thousands of ideas swirling around in your head, fighting with each other for your attention. You'd work on every single one of them if you had the time, but let's face it, you don't.

None of us have the time to do ALL the things we want to, so we HAVE to get focused.

Really focused.

We have to prioritise.

And the criteria for prioritising your goals in 2022 is pride.

How much pride will your resolutions bring you?

It's a good way to think about it, right?

So, do you know your answer?

Share your answer with us here if you do: comment on this Instagram post

If you don't, read on and by the end of this email, you'll know your goals for 2022 and how to achieve them.

So how is this related to building a brand?

It's all about mindset and, yep, focus.

When you're launching a brand you need to be focused on one audience, one problem and one plan of action. Your personal goals work in exactly the same way.

And the more focused you are with your personal goals, the more time and energy you'll have for working on your brand.

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One book to read

Some honest and practical advice

Apparently, 1/3 of resolutions don't make it past the end of January!


Well, according to the time management firm that worked this out in the first place, it's one of three things:

  1. It’s a resolution created based on what someone else (or society) is telling you
  2. It’s too vague
  3. You don’t have a realistic plan for achieving your resolution

So how do you make sure you smash your resolutions in 2022?

Do the opposite.

1. Make your resolutions for you

Your resolutions are your resolutions. They should be based on what YOU want to achieve in life, and what you'll be MOST proud of. Think about the first question I asked in this email, what will really make you proud to have spent time on over the next 12 months?

Follow these steps:

  • Make a list of everything you'd like to achieve/work on
  • Narrowing down your list in order of priority (priority being what will make you most proud)
  • Choose your top three for the year
  • Put the rest in a 'not right now' folder

2. Make them REALLY specific

Now you've got your three goals for 2022 make sure they're really specific and that you know what success actually looks like.

Follow these steps:

  • Write down your three goals
  • Define what success looks like
  • Give them a specific timeframe

For example: I'm going to save £100 per month so that I can buy X in 12 months time instead of 'I am going to save money'

3. Make a plan of action for achieving them

A goal is no good without a plan to achieve it. You need a plan, a good one, that gives you small steps that will take you closer to your big goal.

Follow these steps:

  • Break each one down into 4 smaller tasks
  • Give each one a 'why' - your motivation
  • Give each one a specific time frame
  • Give each one a 'how'
  • Give each one a first micro-goal for you to achieve in January

For example:

I am going to saving £100 a month by cancelling Netflix and taking a packed lunch to work. I am going to take a packed lunch to work 3x a week by the end of January.

So, is this YOUR year?

Being ready to take on the world and stick to your New Year's resolutions also needs personal growth. But there is no self-development without self-awareness. So, keep these in mind when setting your goals:



Keep being an outlier 💪

J + K