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£38 Million in proof that you should lead with vision.£38 Million in proof that you should lead with vision.
October 21, 2021

£38 Million in proof that you should lead with vision.

Hello friends,

My last email enjoyed a 72% open rate. That rocks!

This week we're talking about vision.

If you’re building a brand – or even at an earlier stage of creating your business – have you nailed your vision? Yes, no, maybe?

Let’s make it easy...

Squeeze Journal

Over the past few weeks, we’ve gone back and forth and round in circles on finding our niche audience.

Niche audiences are essential. When your business is small (and bootstrapping), you want to be the best option for a few early adopters, not a mediocre option for masses.

Here’s where we are right now: digital entrepreneurs who want to build a brand led by their personal vision.

But founder-led vision is tough. It requires deep thought into yourself to bring out what really matters to you in the world.

Luckily, once you strike on that one big thing, everything else falls into place, and it becomes easy to make decisions faster.

Our vision is that anyone with an idea can build a brand around it, bring their unique value to the world and enjoy the luxury of financial freedom from doing so.


Allplants raised a record £38 million investment this week.

Having worked inside the business and closely with JP (founder), I strongly attribute much of their success to him holding a steadfast vision and banging on about it consistently over time.

His vision is to make plant-based eating the norm – by making it more delicious and easy for everyone.

By continuously sharing the vision, he’s been able to stay laser-focused, bring on a strong team and raise investment when they needed to grow faster (although it’s never as easy as it looks!).

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Take Action

If you’re looking to home in on your vision as a founder, ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Have you pinpointed the one change you want to see in the world?
  2. Do you lose track of time thinking about it?
  3. And will it still be important to you in a decade?

Your personal vision for the future is critical – it’s what will shape your brand, team and decisions for years to come.

And, it’s what your customers will be buying into every moment they interact.

A problem for many of us is having a vision that is too fluffy or inauthentic and forced. It also needs to be simple to understand, inspiring and easy to get on board with.

So, before you write a hurried vision statement to share with the world, ask yourself those questions above.

What’s your vision? Hit reply, I’d love to hear where you’ve got to so far and help bounce ideas around!



Keep being an outlier 💪

J + K