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Look at me. How to get attention without spending a fortuneLook at me. How to get attention without spending a fortune
December 9, 2022

Look at me. How to get attention without spending a fortune

They're now one of the most renowned creative agencies in the world, but BBH was once just another small agency wanting to make its mark on the world.

Here's how they started to gain notoriety.

Even while small, their work was great, but no one knew who they were. They needed press but didn't have anything to talk about—they hadn't won any new work recently and didn't have any campaigns about to go live.

They needed something to make them stand out and show off their creative skills.

So one of their founding members came up with a plan and decided to insure their creative department for £1M. This was in the 70s, so that's the equivalent of £10m today!

And he said if anyone wanted to poach one of the team, they'd have to pay a transfer fee as you do for football players.

He found an insurance company (a friend of theirs) who agreed to just say they'd insure the team. They then took a photo of them all on a park bench in Soho, and the story got into the Sunday Times business news section.

It was just a story, but it worked!

And it did three things:

  1. Got them exposure
  2. Demonstrated their core value (creativity)
  3. Made them more famous as a result of the two coming together


Don't wait until your product gets into the press. Go out and make your own news.


A few ways to do this:

  1. Have your founder do something. For example, if you're a shoe brand, do something remarkable such as breaking a world record wearing those shoes.
  2. Find or create a story about your business that no one else has. It could be something unique about your founder or the way your team operates. Importantly, tie it to what you do if possible so that you become famous for the right reasons if it works. Here's an example that got a lot of press for (formerly Aisorted).
  3. Make an extreme (prototype-style) version of your product. e.g. a Golden Razor for a razor brand.
  4. Do something creative and out of context for your industry but in the style of another. Like BBH!


And a book by John Hegarty that may help you: There are no rules.

Keep being an outlier 💪

J + K