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How to build a brand without paid advertisingHow to build a brand without paid advertising
May 12, 2022

How to build a brand without paid advertising

Hey 👋🏼

We’ve ended up in a world where founders assume they need to throw money at Facebook or Google to have any kind of success.

It's not the case.

Believe it or not, throwing money at ad platforms is not the only way to grow a business. Yes, they can work wonders and yes they’ll probably be part of your marketing strategy eventually, but they’re not always needed right at the beginning.

Last weekend, I stayed at a hotel for a few nights and the toiletries caught my eye. I already knew the brand, but I also overheard others talking about them and it got me thinking...

Customers at this hotel are precisely those who would buy from this toiletries brand, it's the perfect partnership and an excellent way for the brand to get its products in front of potential customers.

There are lots of ways you can grow a brand organically but for this email, Jonny and I have chosen just three we like for inspiration.

And I assure you, at least ONE of these will work for your brand.

Three ways:

1) Create a system for growing your organic search

By developing a consistent format for content your target audience is searching for, you can rank highly for a growing number of search terms.

Two examples: Pickles, a digital vet brand, has started creating a huge FAQ answering every possible question a pet owner might have. And Zapier has a page to answer every possible 'how to integrate X with Y'.

2) Launch a community around your cause or belief

Strong brands are rooted in a core belief about something or a cause for something – something people care about, identify with and likely want to meet others with similar thoughts.

So, build a valuable meeting place for your audience and they'll be forever thankful. They'll also likely invite others to the party too!

Two examples: Vivobarefoot brings together people who value nature and Sculp allows people to show off their pottery creations.

2) Identify people to sell for you

It's hard for new brands to enter markets, but there will be people who already hold trust with your target audience. Partner up or solve a problem for them in a way they can demo your product to the end customer.

Two examples: Nespresso gets their coffee machines into hotel rooms while Oatly supplies independent coffee shop baristas who want to show off their coffee art.

Oh Dyson, too! Their hand dryers are perfect for showing off their technology - the same you can buy in other home appliances.

We’ll be expanding on each of these in future newsletters/posts so stay tuned and forward this to someone else who might enjoy it too!

And if you're not sure what might work for you or need an idea, hit reply or DM us on Instagram.

Commitment and consistency is the key ✌️



Keep being an outlier 💪

J + K