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How Pot Gang found their very first customersHow Pot Gang found their very first customers
December 30, 2022

How Pot Gang found their very first customers

Pot Gang do gardening subscription boxes for beginner growers. This lockdown business has gone from strength to strength and now has a full-time team of 5.

What grabbed our attention is how savvy they've been about marketing their business.

When Pot Gang started, it was a side hustle for founders Sam and Bryony, so spending loads of money on advertising wasn't an option.

But if you don't want to spend money on ads, how do you get your brand in front of people?

Pot Gang were smart and went back to basics.

They kept things local (London) and super simple.

From posting about their service in community chat groups to knocking on doors in their local area. Sam and Bryony found customers by engaging with them in a way that few new brands do nowadays.

"The on-the-ground stuff has worked well for me because it generates discussion within the community. Sometimes I'll get in the press, like newspapers and whatnot, and I'll reshare all those articles within these forums and then the community get behind it. Then I've also found, with more and more people signing up, there's a lot more word of mouth and recommendation momentum too." — Sam

The basics are hugely underrated these days, so there's a lot of opportunity for brands willing to put the work in.


Good old-fashioned marketing still works and there’s more room for brands to flourish. If you’re just starting out, try thinking small and local to validate your idea.


3 Things you can do today to market your brand locally:

  1. Join local Facebook groups around an interest related to your product.
  2. Knock on your neighbours doors and talk to them about what you’re doing.
  3. Do something noteworthy in your local community and reach out to press about it.

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