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How MOB Kitchen went from niche content creator to media giantHow MOB Kitchen went from niche content creator to media giant
January 13, 2023

How MOB Kitchen went from niche content creator to media giant

MOB Kitchen is a giant food media brand with millions of loyal fans on social media, a podcast, award-winning cookbooks, a talent management arm, food trucks AND its own data insights platform.

But it didn’t start that way.

‘At uni, founder, Ben, noticed that none of his friends were really cooking. Armed with nothing but a kitchen, a camera, and some recipe ideas, he started creating overhead videos that people could actually cook – straying away from the food porn that was all over social media at the time.’

There were already plenty of other food blogs and recipe websites, especially on Instagram (where MOB first launched). Ben’s content could have easily been lost in a sea of recipe videos and food photography.

So how did he make sure that didn’t happen?

He focused on one specific type of content: meals that were affordable and easy to make.

MOB became known for its ‘Feed four for less than £10’ concept.

The videos were real, not overly styled, always in the same format and easy to digest.

People knew exactly what they were going to get when they hit follow, so lots of them did.

MOB even turned the concept into a book later on.

But imagine if they’d tried to do everything they do now right from the beginning! It would have been very confusing and probably unappealing to their core audience, a weakened offering.

By staying focused, they built up a loyal and engaged fan base who stayed with them as they became a trusted voice in the food space and started expanding.

They now have over 1m followers on Instagram and TikTok.


Going too big too soon can make you forgettable. Becoming known for a single content format or specific solution to a specific problem is far more effective and will give you the foundations you need to build a huge brand in the future.


3 questions to figure out what you want to become known for:

  1. What does my audience care about most?
  2. Where do they spend their time?
  3. What can I consistently deliver to them?

Make something tasty 👉

Keep being an outlier 💪

J + K