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Do you need a brand logo to get started?Do you need a brand logo to get started?
November 3, 2021

Do you need a brand logo to get started?

Hey 👋

The Squeeze community is growing and that is thanks to you 🙏

Frankly, I'm not quite sure why because – let's be honest, we've been pretty half-arsed to date – and we're still learning and figuring out exactly what we're doing.

BUT I know we've hit on a problem many digital entrepreneurs face: trying to communicate a brand that represents them while cutting through the noise and having zero budget or know-how of where to start.

The secret is pretty simple - be more you. You are unique, no one can copy you or take you away from you. So just lean in.

Did I say you enough?

Anyway, we're here to make that easier to do.

Squeeze Journal

As a small scrappy team backed up by a pro design agency (Lou is founder of HUG London, ex-Future Brand and has worked with a bucket list of household names), it's sometimes pretty hard to let ourselves run free.

So I pushed us to just get started without a logo, much to Lou's frustration and my delight.

Hey - opposite opinions make a great team right?

And so to get started, I stuck LOGO TBD at the top of everything to make my point that your logo is near the bottom of the list on what to focus on when launching.

Anyway, after some fun playing around and a scrappy mockup of a juicy drop in the 'u',  the HUG team kindly polished it up for us.

Fortunately, it passes most of Lou's stress testing for what a good logo should achieve.

So I'm psyched to share our new logo (above).

One big benefit I do realise of creating a logo early on is the energy and excitement it brings with it.



Two companies that launched without a logo

Craigslist - the place to buy and sell anything in 570 cities in 70 countries.

Their website looks identical today.

And Etsy whose website has evolved but logo remains the same.

Take Action

I asked Lou for three quick tips to help you create or brief your own logo with ease:

1) Keep it simple

Some of the best logos use no more than a great font and suitable colour. Search free font libraries like Google and simply try typing your brand in varying case types and weights.

So long as you keep your text balanced, impactful, legible and relevant to your audience, a minimalistic logo will hold you in good stead.

2) Create a visual mood-board

Visualise your own preferences and research what successful competitors are doing may guide more than any written brief.

Note common fonts and colours used, whether a traditional or contemporary look and feel will resonate with your customers

3) Don’t make your logo your only priority!

Whilst important, compared to some tasks when starting a new venture — defining your business proposal, resolving finance, defining your MVP, etc — sometimes you simply need to start trading.

If you don’t have time or investment, create something professional looking but don’t sweat the small stuff yet.

Ideally… do work with the best designer you can afford to help you get the best logo you can for now, but this doesn’t need to cost the earth and take months!



Keep being an outlier 💪

J + K