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42% Uplift in Sales: How to get the right people trying your product42% Uplift in Sales: How to get the right people trying your product
February 22, 2023

42% Uplift in Sales: How to get the right people trying your product

Punchy makes premium, sustainable soft drinks.

And naturally, they pack a punch. But the team recently discovered that people weren’t trying their products because they didn’t know what the flavours would taste like.

The drinks space is competitive, you only have to look at supermarket shelves to know that. The only way to win new customers is to get them to try your product in the first place.

Just recently, founder Paddy Cavanagh-Butler was doing a sampling session in a London office. Someone said, “I don’t want to try the blood orange one as I don’t like cardamom.”

He replied, “Well in actuality there’s only a subtle hint of cardamom, it’s mainly blood orange”. They then tried it and loved it.

Good news, right?

Sort of.

Great news that the product was a hit once they tried it, but he’d been put off before even giving the drink itself a chance.

Paddy realised that this must be happening in stores too.

The problem is Paddy won’t be there to explain to every customer browsing drinks on supermarket shelves that blood orange is the main flavour.

So he decided to revisit their packaging with ‘making themselves the obvious choice’ in mind.

(Graphic via Paddy Cavanagh-Butler.)

2022’s design

  • Gloss can, which caused too much reflection
  • Too many health callouts
  • All flavours on equal hierarchy - not reflective of liquid, where the lead flavour is most prominent

2023’s design

  • Matt finish, so the colours pop
  • Lead flavour bigger, driving accessibility and trial
  • Vitamin D call out prominent; other callouts moved to the back of the pack
  • Punchy logo clearer, driving greater recognition

The changes made are already coming to fruition with a 42% uplift in sales in one of their biggest retail customers. This is the growth-driven approach to packaging design more businesses should be taking.

Don’t redesign your packaging just because you feel like it; gather insights from potential customers to understand how you can make products the first choice for the right people. This story highlights the importance of consistently improving your product and how useful sampling sessions can be!


Listen to your customers for your unknown unknowns.


  1. Get your product in front of people you believe will love it and see what they think, if they decline, ask them why and what would change their mind.
  2. Remember, it might not just be your product that needs revising, it might be the way you talk about it that’s confusing for people. Be open to all suggestions.

Grab a drink 👉

Keep being an outlier 💪

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